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Are You Able To Spot Early Diabetes Symptoms Here Is A Checklist

Feeling fatigued and stressed? Are you experiencing great thirst and hunger at odd times of the day, even after eating? Looking into the mirror each morning, do you notice your face looking gaunt and haggard? How about your clothes? Do they still fit you well, like they used to? If you said yes to most of the questions above, you might also want to take note of the times you go to the toilet per day. Do you go more than you used to? If you are feeling these and more, you might want to schedule to see your doctor immediately. According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, 7 out of every 100 people in the United States have diabetes.

Almost 30% of these people are undiagnosed and therefore, untreated. These people who are undiagnosed suffer a great risk of fatality because diabetes left untreated could lead to a whole lot of complications that would snuff out life. Diabetes mellitus, or more commonly known as diabetes, is a disabling disease that affects the bodys ability to use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates how our body uses and stores glucose, a sugar from food that our body needs to produce energy.

This disease could be due to: 1. a defect in secretion of insulin 2. a defect in the action of insulin or 3.

a defect in both Due to the failure of the body to utilize glucose properly, patients are easily fatigued and stressed since the cells produce very little energy. Too much glucose in our blood can also damage vital organs like the eyes, the kidneys, nerves and blood vessels. Awareness, therefore, is a key factor in avoiding or even preventing most of the damage of the disease. We need to know what to look out for so we can be diagnosed as soon as possible. Here is a quick list of the most common symptoms of diabetes. * frequent urination * excessive thirst * hunger * Weight loss.

* Fatigue * blurry vision * odd aches and pains, * mouth dryness * skin that is dry or itchy * erectile dysfunction in males * yeast infections of the vagina * cut or scrapes that take forever to heal * irritability * nausea and vomiting * sweet smelling breath * infections everywhere * foot/hand tingling or numbness * drowsiness and malaise * bed wetting and abdominal pain in children * muscle cramps and aches * breathing difficulty and a rapid pulse There is no guarantee that you need to experience these symptoms to know if you are at risk for diabetes. Some sufferers do not have symptoms at all. The best way to ensure your health is to have regular check ups each year.

Have your blood glucose monitored. If you have family members who are suffering or suffered from diabetes, you might also be at risk. There are studies that prove that diabetes may be inherited. A lifestyle check is also in order to see if you are having enough exercise and eating the right diet. To determine if you have abnormally high sugar levels, you should know that normal blood sugar is around 65-140 mg millimoles per liter.

If your lab results are within these values, you are relatively safe. However, if your values are between 250-350 millimoles per liter, you might want to reduce you sugar intake. This includes lessening your intake of some of the sweet pastries, candies, dairy products and your carbohydrates. If your levels measure way past 350 millimoles, you have to see your care provider and have you diagnosed. Remember that mitigation is better than cure.

It is far more beneficial to cut your sugar intake now, instead of later when you already developed the disease.

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