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Your guide to finding the right Theragun massage gun for you

Tue, 01 Dec 2020 19:25:05 GMT

The increasing popularity of stylish, trendy athletic wear has made über-comfortable clothing something that's not just for the gym. It's infiltrated all corners of culture, from high fashion runways to the offices of Silicon Valley executives — and really, it's appropriate for any occasion when you just want to be comfortable.

Researching her grandfather's time during World War II, CNN's Chloe Melas often wondered if he had post-traumatic stress disorder. She says she may never know whether he had PTSD — but it's vital the national conversation around this important topic keeps moving forward.

Alzheimer's Disease Fast Facts

Fareed Zakaria discusses popular diabetes drug semaglutide, approved by the FDA to treat diabetes under the brand name Ozempic and to treat obesity under the brand name Wegovy.

RSV hospitalization rate for seniors is 10 times higher than usual for this point in the season

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 12:11:40 GMT

The respiratory virus season has started early in kids this year and flooded children's hospitals in many parts of the country -- especially with respiratory syncytial virus, known as RSV.

This bat fossil could fill in a piece of the evolutionary puzzle

Thu, 13 Apr 2023 18:05:27 GMT

Two 52 million-year-old bat skeletons discovered in an ancient lake bed in Wyoming are the oldest bat fossils ever found — and they reveal a new species.

Having a higher level of leg muscle strength appears to be "strongly associated" with a lower risk of developing heart failure after a heart attack, according to new research. CNN's Jacqueline Howard reports.

Canada announced Wednesday it will require health warnings to be printed directly on every individual cigarette -- the first country in the world to do so.

How long you can use vintage Tupperware

Sat, 15 Apr 2023 14:12:15 GMT

Since Tupperware, the iconic kitchen brand that's been a household name for decades, signaled recently that it might be going out of business, you might be wondering how long your stash of its food storage containers is safe to use — especially if it's vintage.

8 activewear brands you should add to your workout wardrobe

Wed, 13 Jan 2021 19:55:24 GMT

View CNN's Fast Facts about stem cells and learn more about these unspecialized cells capable of replicating themselves through cell division.

My grandfather hid the emotional toll of World War II from his family for decades

Your attention span has shrunk by nearly two minutes in the past 20 years, driven in part by technology's hold over your work and homelife, experts say. Here's how to stay focused so you can get things done.

Canada will start putting health warnings on individual cigarettes. It will be the first country to do so

It can be difficult to determine if that watermelon you've grabbed at the store will be ripe or not. New York Times bestselling author Suzy Karadsheh shares these simple tips that will make this watermelon season the tastiest yet.

US gets D+ grade for rising preterm birth rates, new report finds

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 13:00:31 GMT

The rate of premature birth in the United States is climbing, according to the infant and maternal health nonprofit March of Dimes.

Experimental therapy gantenerumab fails to slow or improve Alzheimer's memory loss in clinical trials

Mon, 14 Nov 2022 19:41:28 GMT

An experimental treatment, gantenerumab, failed to help people at high risk of memory loss from Alzheimer's or those who were in the early phases of the disease, the manufacturer said Monday.

Using melatonin for sleep is on the rise, study says, despite potential health harms

Oh the profanity! Swearing is a social no-no, but studies have shown that cursing can serve a useful place in our lives, especially when it comes to mind over matter.

CNN's Paula Newton speaks with Dr. Dan Azagury, the Section Chief of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery at Stanford University, about new drugs to curb weight loss and other health benefits.

Paper airplane breaks a world distance record

Fri, 14 Apr 2023 15:20:43 GMT

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's a paper airplane!

Why swearing is a sign of intelligence, helps manage pain and more

A long flight in economy can be a real pain. We asked travel expert Samantha Brown and back pain doctors from Montefiore Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medicine to share some tips on how to avoid it.

Covid-19 boosters could keep thousands of kids out of hospitals, but uptake remains low

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 05:01:32 GMT

Higher Covid-19 vaccination rates among US children could prevent thousands of pediatric hospitalizations and millions of missed school days, according to an analysis published Tuesday by the Commonwealth Fund and the Yale School of Public Health.

Read CNN's Fast Facts on Alzheimer's disease, a progressive brain disorder that leads to loss of memory and other intellectual abilities.

Fuzzy first photo of a black hole gets a sharp makeover

Fri, 14 Apr 2023 18:37:58 GMT

The first photo ever taken of a black hole looks a little sharper now.

We all need 'Sushi Tuesdays': Lessons in understanding and finding a way forward after suicide

New research shows weight loss drugs like Ozempic can help curb drug addiction. CNN's Meg Tirrell spoke to one patient who says the drug is helping her.

Why we have nightmares and how to stop them

Fri, 14 Apr 2023 12:49:49 GMT

We leave behind our fears of monsters under the bed as we say goodbye to our childhoods, but one can follow us into adulthood and loom over our heads.

Health officials are warning about the latest respiratory virus that's seen a significant rise in cases this spring. CNN's Bianca Nobilo breaks down the details.

Desperate for heart surgery for their baby, a family feels the effects of pediatric hospital shortages

Sun, 13 Nov 2022 08:07:04 GMT

Even before their daughter was born in June, Aaron and Helen Chavez knew she would need heart surgery. Doctors expected her to have an operation around 6 months of age.

Your attention span is shrinking, studies say. Here's how to stay focused

Cases of human metapneumovirus, or HMPV, spiked this spring, according to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's respiratory virus surveillance systems. It filled hospital intensive care units with young children and seniors who are the most vulnerable to these infections. CNN's Meg Tirrell reports.

The best coupons at CVS Pharmacy

More adults are taking over-the-counter melatonin to get to sleep, a study found, despite potential harm to health and little proof of efficacy.

Stem Cells Fast Facts

In a heartbreaking memoir, "Sushi Tuesdays," Charlotte Maya bears witness to her late husband's life, death and the aftermath with a singular purpose: to humanize the face of suicide and help readers develop a fluency in discussing mental health.

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