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Breast Cancer Treatment Exploring The Two Most Popular Alternatives

Every year, more than 1.2 million people are told they have breast cancer. Very rarely, even men will develop this disease. Breast cancer is second only to heart disease as the leading killer of adult aged women in America. Thanks to recent advancements in medical science, being diagnosed with breast cancer doesn't have to be the death sentence it once was.

It is now possible to detect and get breast cancer treatment done at an early stage. Breast Cancer Treatment Stages Breast cancer treatment depends on how advanced the cancer is. TNM Staging is commonly used worldwide to judge what treatment is necessary. Judging the tumor, or tumors, the nodes and if it has transferred to a different part of the body, also known as metastases. Once these items have been evaluated, the doctor will decide on a course of treatment.

The two main types of cancer are high grade and low grade. High-grade cancer is when there is a large risk of the cancer coming back even after surgery. In this case, chemotherapy will be prescribed once the patient has healed from surgery.

Some cancer specialists may opt out of surgery if the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body beyond the breast. Since it is still in one area, chemotherapy may be the first course of treatment, which may be combined with radiotherapy. The earlier you find the cancer, the easier it will be to treat and the more options you will have. The early stage is defined when the cancer has not spread to other places in the body outside of the breast. Depending on how far the cancer has gone, there are several types of surgical options open for breast cancer treatment. Conservative Surgery The most common type of surgery for breast cancer treatment is called conservative surgery.

This is when the surgeon removes the diseased tissue from the breast, being careful not to take too much healthy tissue. While he is removing the cancer, a small amount of healthy tissue is removed as well. This is then sent to the lab for evaluation. If the lab reports that it is 'clear' or 'healthy', the surgeon knows he got all the cancer.

Care and Treatment for Post Breast Cancer Surgery Hormone therapy is one of the post-surgery options you have. When the tumor is determined to be sensitive to estrogen, this is the common treatment. The higher the tumors estrogen receptor level, the more benefits will come from hormone therapy. Another option for post surgery breast cancer treatment is chemotherapy.

Depending on the size and how aggressive the cancer is, this may be used before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor. Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is the most commonly used breast cancer treatment. This treatment uses drugs to destroy any cancer cells it finds. These are called anti-cancer drugs.

Some chemotherapy drugs are given on their own, some are offered in combination chemotherapy doses. There are over fifty drugs used when giving chemotherapy treatments. The type of treatment received depends, again, on how far the caner has spread and where in the body it was first found. When receiving chemotherapy, it is given in short doses, followed by periods of rest. Chemotherapy is very hard on your body and can make the patient very sick. Recovery periods are essential to the overall health of the patent.

While the chemotherapy kills the cancer cells, it will leave the patient weak. Resting periods give non-cancerous cells the chance to recover. While chemotherapy and surgery are the main ways to treat breast cancer, there are various treatments available. Research is always your best tool so you know your options when it comes to treatments and surgery. Cancer treatments are getting more successful all the time. If one type of breast cancer treatment doesn't work for you, another may.

Don't give up hope! Summary: Cancer treatments are getting more advanced all the time. Breast cancer is second only to heart disease as the leading killer of adult aged women, with 1.2 million new cases each year. Breast cancer treatment has more options the earlier you catch it.

Brooke Hayles
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