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Building Simple Yet Effective Portable Vaporizer A Childs Play

A portable vaporizer is an amazing thing to experience. Its functionality, durability, design and the like are bound to produce a new feel to enjoy. It is a great technological advancement making smoking safer and enjoyable to the full.

Those who can not afford portable vaporizer can build a simple yet effective portable vaporizer. It is easy to build. To build a portable vaporizer one needs the materials mentioned below: * A 2 liter plastic bottle whose bottom is black * 12v adapter, a soldering iron * Wooden Dowels * Flat piece of wood Procedure to be followed: Firstly the flat wood should be cut into a triangle with equal 8 inch sides. The degree should be 60. Then the wood should be stained and varnished. Now, choosing one side as the top the accurate middle of the triangle should be found out.

Then the center should be marked on both bottom and top. After that a right bit size of a drill should be selected. Once the selection is made the found center should be drilled with this. In next step, the wood piece should be turned over and marked at 3 places. The distance of the marks of the spots should be as per the requirement.

Now, each one should be drilled through at no more than 15 degree with the smallest and required bit size. Before the plastic base piece is pulled off the 2 liter bottle and the middle of this piece should be cut, the triangular piece should be turned to the top. Afterwards, the black part is to be placed over the hole right in the intended centre and two nails should be hammered via it into the piece of wood.

Around the base of the black part, Hot Glue should be used and all cracks should be filled in. On the base of the triangular wood piece are some holes. In these holes some wood glue should be placed. In each of these holes a dowel should be put. And they should be gently tapped with a mallet or hammer to fix them.

Now it should be left to be dry. Through the hole the power cord of soldering iron should be put in the center. Now finally, making the soldering iron rest on the bottom .sticking up into the air, it should be pulled through and then the base of the 2 liter bottle should be cut out as per requirement. And there you have it! This is how a beautiful portable vaporizer is there at one's disposal.

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