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Honey And Its Uses As a Local Healing Medicine And a Natural Antibiotic

Talking about good things to enjoy in pure honey as the world most complete food. It is the only food source known to contain twenty two nutrients for a balanced nutrition. Honey is medicinal, a natural antibiotic and multivitamins. It is a complete natural health formula as it has both preventive and curative medical power.

"You will be very healthy and will notice it if it is taken regularly as it will become more of a preventive therapy than curative". The statistical data have linked sugar consumption with diabetes, high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and short life span. Sugar is also referred to as dead and lifeless food with no nutritional value. Also regular consumption of sugar has hazardous and fatal consequences on health. Honey is also said to be the only animal carbohydrates available to man by nature as sweetner. It is also the mildest, easiest to digest and easily assimilated by the body even with those having digestion problem.

In fact, honey is the best source of quick and lasting energy." Even nutritionists have prove that all organs in the body such as the heart, kidneys, liver etc respond favourably well only to natural, undiluted honey and function optimally when taken regularly. "It is natural vitamins and minerals.

It contains low calories and honey is ideal for weight watchers; good health and for general well being" of the body with instant natural energy and stamina to undertake daily activities. Futhermore, honey contains natural anti-bacterial and other healing properties which assist in fighting and protecting from diseases. It can be used to treat eye diseases both in children and adults. It can also be used as a first aid treatment for those with burns. The healing effects of honey cannot be underestimated as it contain anti-microbial properties. Honey can also be used to treat ear infections, boost fertility and the mode of application.

Also talking about the healing properties of honey, honey has a long history dated to centuries and its use is without any side effect, provided it is not diluted or mixed with any other chemicals. "Honey is far better than sugar, saccharines, artificial sweetners and other chemically formulated sweetners. Many pharmaceutical companies uses it to formulate drugs as well as used it to coat many drugs. To be precise, many of the cough syrups are honey-based and have even shown that low calorie health food such as pure honey, if taken regularly, prolongs life and slow down the ageing process". Honey can be mixed with black soap to bath.

This has the ability of renewing skin cells and moisturises the skin. Honey can also be used to fight many skin diseases or other dermal infections. To prepare honey-based anti-fungal, anti-bacterial lotion, mix natural sulphur with and regularly applied it regularly on skin infections or diseases. It is very most adviseable for every one to emulate the interest of using honey in meals instead of sugar since honey has more trends health solutions than that of sugar whose the only advantage of it is just the sweet taste only but very destructive to human beings.

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