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How The Types Of Acne Are Classified

Most teens and young adults have most likely gone through the stressing times that result from acne. But in order to help one's self with the dreaded prospect of acne, a certain amount of knowledge is required to accurately implement an acne-fighting regime each day. Doing so will help fight current breakouts, and prevent new breakouts from ever occurring. Types Of Acne One of the more common types of acne, the blackhead, is something just about everyone has experienced. The black dot that forms is actually not dirt, but rather a reaction to the skin and oxygen as the pore is partially blocked. Since the pore is only partially blocked, the pore will still excrement sebum and bacteria.

The blackhead usually lasts longer than a whitehead would in the same situation. The whitehead is similar to the blackhead, except that it completely blocks the pore and contains a white colored head. Bacteria and sebum are completely trapped under the skin in this case, which makes the appearance of a white tip. Whiteheads generally don't last as long as blackheads, and are usually more unsightly in appearance. Papules are another type of acne that doesn't contain a head. These afflictions are generally just red marks that are usually quite large in size.

These inflammations are very sensitive and usually painful. One should never try to squeeze a papule, as there is nothing to excrement and there will be no good in doing so. Further infection often results from tampering with a papule. Pustules are similar to papules and whiteheads.

A pustule will have the same white head that whiteheads have, yet also have the red inflammation and swelling that papules are characterized with. This type of acne can also produce scarring like papules can, so care should be taken so as to not aggravate the lsion. How To Handle The Different Types Of Acne Blackheads and whiteheads are generally small enough to avoid any contact with. In fact, acne sufferers often created a worse case scenario when tampering with them by turning them into pustules or papules. To avoid the swelling and inflammation that comes with the tampering of these types of acne, try to ignore them as much as possible.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have papules and pustules. Both types of acne can easily lead to scarring if tampered with. Under no circumstances should papules be aggravated.

instead, consult a doctor for a cortisone shot for immediate relief. If you must extract the contents of any type of acne type, be sure to do so under sterile conditions. Do not force any of the excrement- try to drain the acne as easily as possible.

Taking careful steps in the draining process will help ensure that no infection or inflammation spreads. In the end, educating yourself on these four types of acne will help you target your daily acne fighting regime and increase your knowledge on acne in general.

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