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How To Remove Pimples Black Heads And Flesh Worms From The s

It seems that a solution for acne or how to remove pimples, flesh worms and black heads has been an on going search for a long time. Lets take a look at some 1800 home cures on how to remove pimples, flesh worms and black heads. To remove pimples mix 3ozs. of spirits of wine and 1/2 drop of liquor of potassa.

This mixture should be applied to the pimples with a camel's hair pencil. If too strong 1/2 oz of pure water may be added to it. A weak solution of carbolic acid in rain water will cure summer pimples and simple eruptions. Comedones are minute particles of coagulated lymph, which close the orifices of some of the pores or exhalent vessels of the skin.

they may be got rid of, and prevented from returning, by washing with tepid water, by proper friction with a towel and by the application of a little cold cream. the following lotions are recommended: 20 to 60 grams of sulphate of zinc, mixed with 1 pint of distilled rose water. Fluid potash 1 drop, oil of sweet almonds 1 oz. shake well together and then add 1 oz. of rose-water and 6 oz.

of pure water. Rub the face for some time with a rough towel and then cover with the lotion. Twice a day wash the face with warm water, and rub dry with a coarse towel. Then with a soft towel rub in the following lotion: 2oz.

of white brandy, 1 oz. of cologne. and 1/2 of liquor potassa. some prefer sulphur soap to any of the above, as it not only cleanses the skin, but imparts a remarkable freshness to it. Take 36 grams of subcarbonate of soda, and put it in 8 oz.

of distilled water, perfumed with 6 drops of essence of roses. Bathe the part affected. I found this how to remove pimples, black heads and flesh worms in a book published in 1892. Many pimples are removed by simply washing the face several times a day with warm water.

Sulphur water 1 oz., white wine vinegar 2 oz., liquor of potassa 1/4 oz., distilled water 2 oz., acetated liquor of ammonia 1/4 oz.

Apply twice a day. For black heads or flesh worms, wash and rub thoroughly with a towel and then apply the following twice a day: white brandy 4 oz., cologne 2 oz., liquor of potassa 1 oz.

What I would like to point out in the above solutions for acne is not so much the lotions but the cleaning of the affected area 2 and 3 times a day with a coarse or rough towel. I also noticed that there was very little said about the cause of acne, pimples, black heads and flesh worms in the late 1800's and I think this may be the reason. Various ideas prevail as to the reason for the occurrence of pimples upon the face. Some people ascribe them to a repression of the sexual instinct, and are firmly convinced that marriage would be a sovereign remedy, while others regard the occurrence of acne as evidence of improper excitation of the genital organs. Long observation by medical men has failed to reveal the slightest foundation for either of these beliefs, and both are certainly extremely unjust to a great many young men and young women.

I then discovered the following in a book published in 1884. Pimples- Acne This is one of the commonest affections of the skin, and occurs most frequently during youth. There are several affections which are regarded as varieties of the same disease; only two of these need especial mention here-acne simplex and acne rosacea. Acne simplex, or simple acne is the affection commonly know as pimples, black heads or flesh worms. It is , perhaps the most frequent of all the affections of the skin; indeed, few people attain the age of 30 years without having suffered in mind if not in body from the occurrence of this annoying affection. It is especially aggravating from the fact that it usually flourishes most during the very years when the individual is most sensitive as to his personal appearance and condition, and from the further fact that if these pimples occur anywhere on the body, they are almost sure to appear on the face, where they cannot be concealed.

Acne is essentially a disease of the sebaceous glands. The mouths of these glands become stopped up, so that the material which is secreted in the little sac cannot escape. This oily matter should be constantly poured out upon the skin, since it is constantly being secreted in the interior of the sac or gland.

When from any cause it fails to escape, either because there is some mechanical obstruction, or because the secretion itself becomes so thick that it cannot pass out of the little orifice or pore, there results an accumulation of this oily material in the sac. This manifests itself by redness and by swelling; in this way the familiar pimple is developed, in the majority of cases the inflammation proceeds until matter is formed around the distended sebaceous sac, making the pustule which so often disfigures the face of the patient. If the contents of the sac be pressed out before the inflammation has proceeded to this extent, there appears a white, spiral shaped body, resembling a worm somewhat in shape.

From this appearance there is derived the popular notion that the disease is due to the presence of worms in the skin( hence the name flesh worm). these white bodies are however , not worms, but merely the accumulated secretion of the gland; their form is simply that of the distended sac. There is sometimes found in the contents of these glands a microscopic parasite, which is not, however a worm. There is no reason for believing that these parasites have anything to do in causing the disease, since they are not found in all the pimples, but simply in comparatively few. Treatment In general it is necessary to secure regular evacuations of the bowels.

The diet, too must be regulated so as to avoid those particular articles which are found, to provoke the formation of pimples. The uses of alcoholic beverages, of hot drinks, pastry, buckwheat cakes, etc., should be carefully avoided in case it is found that pimples appear in unusual numbers after indulgence in these articles. To remove unsightly black heads on the face this should be done with care is generally recommended that a watch key be employed, being pressed firmly against the skin around the black spot.

A still better article is a small silver tube which is made for the purpose. Numerous lotions and ointments are recommended and sold for the cure of acne; yet none of these can be relied upon, unless proper measures are taken to remove the condition of the stomach, bowels, liver, etc., upon which the difficulty depends.

Among the best of these: Flowers of sulphur, two dachms. (one dachm = an apothecaries' weight of 1/8 ounce (60 grains) Tincture of camphor, three drachms. Glycerine, one ounce. Rose water, four ounces. This may be applied over the affected spots, and may be rubbed gently on those parts of the skin affected two or three times daily. Borax, one drachm.

Carbonate of soda, one drachn. Glycerine, four drachms. Tincture of camphor, one ounce. distilled water, To make six ounces.

This may be applied in the same way as above. Please before you try to use any of the old cures in this article for removing acne, pimples , flesh worms or black heads consulting a dermatologist first, we have many new and up to date acne treatments to chose from. To your better health.

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