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How to Stop Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Anxiety attacks are bothering an increasing number of people, and even the teenagers cannot escape the problem. The most well-known and sought-after ways to cure anxiety and panic are traditional medications and behavioral therapies. These are supplemented by alternative treatments such as herbals, medications and diet planning. If you would like to know how to stop anxiety attacks naturally, you may like to have a good study of the non-drug ways.

1. BEHAVIORAL THERAPY Behavioral therapy is applied to change the behavior pattern and thinking process of the sufferer, in order to ease both physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety attacks. With this method, sufferers are trained to cope with their stress, relax their minds, and shift their focus to more positive events. All of these skills will enable the patients to reduce their anxiety symptoms. In the mean time, the behavior therapist also help the patients to identify the causes of their problems and prevent them from happening again.

These methods are essentially different from the direct interventions in treatment by medications or hypnosis. 2. HERBAL PRODUCTS In essences, herbals are another form of drug, but are considered natural because they are less addictive and harmful compared to traditional medications. Kava Kava is a commonly used herbal drug which can help alleviate anxiety symptoms and can be consumed daily. Valerian Root is another type of herb that has been found to be useful for anxiety, and it works as both an anti-sedative and an anti-anxiety agent. Other herbs that are known to be able to alleviate anxiety symptoms include chamomile, B-complex vitamins, and St.

John's Wort, a potent natural anti-depressant. 3. MEDITATION Meditation helps the practitioners to put minds at ease.

When you do it for a long time, you can have easy control of your mind and dispel excessive worries, fear, and anger. Yoga is one of the commonly known techniques. 4. DIETARY HABITS With regard to alleviating anxiety, caffeine and sugar are two types of consumptions you should definitely avoid. Sometimes, a healthy dieting plan combined with exercise is a sure-fire cure to a number of physical and emotional problems.

5. EXERCISE When you do exercises, your body releases a stream of neuro-transmitters that can successfully keep anxiety at bay. Why not start with less-intensive programs and gradually build up? That way, you can well prevent yourself from suffering anxiety or reduce the symptoms if you are already having it. All natural anxiety cures as mentioned above involve restoring the biochemical balance of the body and making dietary and lifestyle changes designed to improve your general health. Many anxiety suffers try to find out how to stop anxiety attacks naturally as the traditional medications are believed to be addictive and sometimes harmful to human bodies.

Mind you, though, the non-drug methods are mild remedies and are only suitable for treating minor anxiety symptoms. In the case of more severe anxiety attacks, traditional medications are still the first choices. Copyright (c) 2008 Sandy Adamson.

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