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Its Ok to Be Happy Again

Do you fear life's long cloudy days? Do you fear judgment of others? Do you fear that you may have to feel this way forever? Well, if you do you may be one of the 16% of Americans suffering from depression today. Fear no longer, you can get control of your life and make the change today. In order to correct any problem one must identify it first. The common definition of depression is a temporary mood of sadness. However for some the mood is not temporary, and is extended for weeks even months. That extreme case is know as clinical depression.

If not treated quickly enough clinical depression can seriously damage a persons everyday life. Almost everyone experiences a form of clinical depression at least once in their lifetime. Men are more likely to become depressed in their late 20's. Women are more likely to become depressed during Menopause. Clinical depression is currently the number one cause of disability.

Treating depression is different from case to case. The more common ways of treating depression involves, meditation, consulting with a therapist, and exercising. For some cases these methods are not nearly enough and medication is needed. Antidepressants are safe way of treating depression due to the fact they are not addictive like narcotics. The most common antidepressants are Paxil, Prozac, Zofoloft, and Wellburtin. Zofoloft and Paxil are used to treat anxieties such as social anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

Prozac is a medication used to help treat obsessive disorders such as OCD and eating disorders. Wellburtin is used in general depression cases. Antidepressants are a good idea, they are also very expensive however they can be purchased online on generic pharmacy sites for more than 80% cheaper than it would cost prescription. Of course, please consult with a doctor even if you decide not to use a prescription, as after all, they are the experts. If you are one of the Americans out there suffering clinical depression please know that help is out there.

Help is already there. Its within you, you must make the change in yourself to get control of your life. Whether it is exercising, talking to a therapist, or taking medication, there is no better time to start than today. Good luck and may there be clearer skies ahead.

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