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Nutritional Health Supplements Cant Be Ignored

Nutritional health supplements are today a necessity if one wishes to empower his/her own body with the right ammunition against disease and aging. Some have argued that supplements are not necessary but with the advent of modern day farming practices and food processing methods we are heading for disaster without them. In the early 1900's that food quality was ten times higher in nutrient density than today. If one were to rely on food alone, even organic foods, there is still the great possiblity of nutrient deficiency. Chemical fertilizers, food preservatives, and environmental pollution have put our risk for disease much higher that any time in our history.

There are epidemic diseases that people barely pay attention to. The fact is that is the body is deprived of essential nutrients needed to repair the immune system and fend off disease and aging one can expect years taken of their lives. The body has an amazing ability to take the nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream are utilized in cellular metabolism and growth and repair of the body. In short, foods serve a purpose to provide your body with energy, prevent disease, and bolster the immune system.

Because our food growing and processing practices are providing us with nutrient deficient food we now require food supplements to complete the nutrient requirement circle. Organic plants are the sources of organic nutrional supplements. From plant sources they are from fruits and vegetables grown in mineral-rich soils, without chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, or additives of any kind. These non-toxic, nutrient-rich produce foods are made into nutritional supplements that are clinically designed to target nutritional deficiencies that affect various functions of our bodies. Vitamins and multivitamins are not foods. They are, in fact, a collection of chemicals.

Researchers have identified many food substances that are far more important than vitamins or minerals! The key nutritional supplements are organic and wild crafted natural food supplements that contain a wide variety of nutrients that our bodies utilize in maintaining our health, healing capabilities, disease prevention and immune function. These nutrients include vitamins and minerals, but also trace minerals, enzymes, flavonoids, carotenoids, pigments, terpenes, chlorophyll, coenzymes, co-vitamins, amino acids and much more. Scientists cannot duplicate the nutrients found in nature's food nor can they match the amazing complexity and healing power of live foods.

On the flip side vitamin supplements contain only nutrient compounds, leaving out other real, natural, life-supporting nutrients. Another missing component are the "synergists" from whole plants; therefore, the necessary nutrients that prevent disease and aging are non-existent. Synergists are the cofactors existent within the whole food complex that works to assimilate the nutrient into your cells and make them effective. It is not enough to consume nutrients. Nutritional health supplements are made from concentrated whole foods. Most people know that a great source for Vitamins C and E are tomatoes.

Getting the proper amount of these nutrients one would need to eat a dozen tomatoes everday in this environment. It would be hard to find a person that would or could do that on a daily basis. But, dehydrate them, grind them up, and put them into a soluble capsule and you have achieved the same end result. It takes only a moment to take a few capsules and you have gotten the benefits of a whole garden of tomatoes. It is vital that consumers are aware that not all natural food supplements are created equal.

There are several companies that have been around for over 50 years and have pioneered the natural food supplement industry, but there are also new comers that have taken the level of scientific discovery to another level, such as Biotics and Univera Life Sciences. The natural products industry is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and not the Food and Drug Administration. So claims can take years to be proven or disproven. The best companies in the industry have scientific studies done in independent laboratories that include tests on their specific products. Most companies will only show you the test results of studies done on specific ingredients in their product with no reference to the dose or concentration of that particular ingredient.

Look for studies that are done on specific products and providers that are willing to guarantee those products.

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