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Personal Struggles With Acne

Each and everyday many of us struggle with slight imperfections and constantly search for ways to conform to our own ideals of what is beautiful. For some, this task is relatively simple, however, for others it is a constant battle. This constant war deep within can have a profound effect on how we perceive ourselves. Although beauty comes from within, outward appearances can determine our confidence and self worth.

Certain skin conditions like acne for example, can devastate self-esteem, especially during the years when we want nothing more than to fit in with our peers. For years I have personally struggled with the appearance of my skin. Like most teens, I had to deal with the traumatic effects of acne. I exhausted all the so-called skin care regimes without great success.

With each and every treatment I tried, I was always optimistic, but my hopes were always shattered when I did not see any noticeable changes. Although my acne was not the most severe case, it was bad enough to hinder my self -confidence. I would never leave the house without hiding behind make-up, even on days that my breakouts were minimal.

I tried countless remedies and I could not understand why I could not fight the blemishes. With each passing year the breakouts started to subside, however, they were never completely gone. I held onto the hopes that this phase in my life would soon be over once I exited my teenage years.

Before I knew it I was in my twenties and still fighting an occasional breakout. Here I am now celebrating my thirtieth birthday and still dealing with skin imperfections. I thought it would be over after my pubescent years, but unfortunately it was not. Thankfully my skin has cleared up considerably, however, acne will still rear its ugly head if I get stressed. Since my younger years I have always been health conscious and one would assume that a healthy diet would contribute to beautiful radiant skin.

It is true that our diet can play a role in the appearance of our skin, however, no matter how healthy my diet was I still could not conquer the fight against acne. It plagued my everyday life. I was consumed by thoughts of what else I could try to achieve flawless skin. The pursuit to perfection was exhausting. At times it felt as if I was on an emotional rollercoaster.

My health actually started to suffer from it. I would be overwhelmed with stress about not being able to control this aspect of my life that I actually suffered a bought with depression. Ironically, the more I would stress about my breakouts, the more I would breakout.

It was an uncontrollable vicious cycle that was spiraling out of control. Through the years, the scars of acne had started to fade, however, my emotional scars still remained. After years of crying, wishing, and praying, I began to realize that I could not live my life this way. Acne had diminished my self-esteem and robbed me of the joy I should have experienced throughout my youth. I was determined to take my life back and realized that the first step in healing my skin was to love myself regardless of my imperfections.

I began to wear less make-up and started embracing my natural beauty, the beauty from within. I stopped the obsession with my skin and decided to try a healthier approach. I looked at my life in a completely different way and realized I should be thankful for my life and finally made peace with my condition. Ironically, after a few weeks I started to notice a change in my appearance. My skin started to heal and I realized that my emotions had contributed to my skin conditions. I still occasionally have a blemish or two; however, I have finally discovered I can control my acne by not letting it control me.

For those of you that are afflicted by skin conditions, I hope you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. I have shared my personal struggles with the hopes that I can make a difference in someone's life. I will never be able to regain those years I lost, but hopefully my story can prevent you from traveling down the same road. Life is precious and we need to be thankful for each and everyday.

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