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The Lap Band Diet

Having the Lap Band procedure done in order to lose weight is a hard decision to follow through with but once you do very few ever regret it but once you are able to eat foods again you may have questions as to what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid.

Your eating habits will change considerably, so it is important to follow the diet rules:

- Never drink water or any other beverage with your meal as it pushes the food out of your new pouch and it prevents you from feeling full and satisfied and as such can cause you to over eat.
- Always try to stay hydrated throughout the entire day by drinking six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water between meals to help maintain a feeling of fullness.

- Always remember to chew your food fully and thoroughly so it can move smoothly through the body.

This certainly helps to prevent against vomiting.

- Eat only when you feel hungry and not when you think you are. You do this by consuming adequate amounts of protein throughout the day along with a wide variety of nutrients to keep your body out of starvation mode.
Im going to provide you with a list of food choices in the hopes that you can create meals using these products so you can lose weight, feel full and not be bored with your new diet lifestyle. These will be low in sugar as well as provide adequate minerals.

Some good choices for food include:

- Low sugar fruits like grapes and raisins

- Plenty of vegetables (at least two to three servings)

- Several servings of fresh fruit

Cereals, Grains and Breads:

- One serving of cold cereal or oatmeal that is low in sugar

- Half slice of rye or whole wheat toast

Eggs, Fish, Poultry and other meats:

- Eat up to two ounces of meat a day of either fish, some sort of poultry or an egg

- Make sure you trim all fat that you can see from the meat

- Remove skin from the poultry

- Use low-fat methods of preparing your meat such as grilling or steaming


- Milk and yogurt have many calories in them but are great sources of calcium and other nutrients.

A good starting point is 2 cups of skim milk and an ounce of cheese.

- Only use up to 4 teaspoons of butter a day or oil.


- Calorie free drinks are key

- Drink tea and black coffee with sweetener

- Water

There are, of course, many foods to avoid. There are some foods that have a huge boost of calorie with very little nutritional value. Avoid these foods as much as possible.

Some of these foods are:

- Maple Syrups

- Cakes, Pies and other Pastries

- Jams and Preserves

- Chips, Crackers and other hollow carbs

- Ant type of alcoholic beverages especially beer and wine


About the Author (text)Donna Becker has researched weight loss surgeries and writes about the most common issues associated with them. Visit: http://lapbandfinancingsite.com You can also find information about the Lap band diet at http://lapbandfinancingsite.com/the-lap-band-diet for more information

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