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What Is A Cause Of Acne In Teenagers

Acne is a condition that affects individuals of all ages, genders, and races, but many are unsure of exactly what is a cause of acne that causes teens to break out. Generally speaking, teenagers are more prone to having problems with acne due to the hormones associated with this time of life. Anyone who has ever been around teens is more than aware of the raging hormones, but these hormones can not only affect an individual's attitude, but also his or her appearance.

However, hormones should not take all the blame, as there are other issues what cause acne. Most teens are quite active and engage in many activities, including sporting events that can aggravate acne prone skin. If teens do not use the proper cleaners to ensure their skin is clean, they are opening their skin up to formations of blackheads or pimples.

Consider a trip to your local dermatologist's office to find the proper soaps or face washes that will keep anyone's skin fresh and properly cleaned to prevent infection. Regardless of your extracurricular activities, a trip to a dermatologist is a good idea to control any potential problems and find out exactly what can cause acne given your situation. Usually, a major factor of skin issues in teens is due to an increase of oil secretions on the skin. This includes skin on the face, neck, back, arms, and the rest of the body. Due to the overproduction of this oil, bacteria can infect the skin's pores and develop into pimples or blackheads.

Although you will not be able to stop overproduction of the oil by your skin through topical creams, cleaners, or soaps, your dermatologist will be able to prescribe medication to control the hormones that cause this excess of oil. By trying to control the problem before it erupts, you will be able to ensure your skin is clear and free from blemishes.

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