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What Is Job Stress And How Can It Be Avoided

The majority of us will experience some form of job stress at some time in our working lives.Even those of us fortunate enough to work in our chosen careers are still likely to experience job induced stress. There are many things which can lead to stress some of which can be avoided and others which quite frankly are inevitable. Perhaps the biggest contributor to job stress or work related stress is the high and often unrealistic targets the employers set their staff. Often their achievement may be possible given realistic time frames but all to often workers face impossible targets and deadlines or are given little or no training or guidance.

Concerned about losing their jobs as a result of company restructuring or just concerned at not appearing to be team player, staff often try and achieve totally unrealistic targets set by management to improve profitability or just to impress.Workers face a on going expectation to perform often beyond their capabilities to satisfy continual demands put on them by middle managers and their juniors. Equally responsible for job or work related stress are as a result of certain working practices. This includes such things as over supervision of experienced staff members, and failing to credit staff for a job well done.

Other things which lead to stress are lack of clear job description, no system in place to reward good performance and lack of communication between staff and management. When staff are unable to air grievances and concerns this leads to worry and discontent and even anxiety. If unchecked this can lead to a pressure cooker like working environment of over stressed workers. Job stress can also be caused by work place bullying which is increasingly common as workers become disatisfied.

Staff may bully staff who are junior or who don't fit in or just out of spite or for fun. This includes such actions as sexual harrasement,threatening or just teasing on grounds or race or religion. Some insensitive employees may even spread malicious gossip in order to destroy status or position. On occasions bosses upset, harass and humiliate their employees in a attempt to assert their authority.

Both men and women can be subjected to sexual insults, sexual discrimination which is designed to leave staff feeling humilitated and embarassed. These sort of things can lead to immense stress for employees who are simultaneously trying to protect themselves and just get on with their jobs. Aside from this leading to obvious stress, harassment and bullying can cause the unfortunate victim to lose their self confidence, their self esteem and self belief. Finally, although thankfully less common than it was a few years ago the environment which employees work in can be another cause of job stress.

Cramped, messy, noisy and dirty workplaces can often trigger stress and in extreme cases lead to serious depression. Whereas carefully thought out and well designed working environments can actually help the individual feel relaxed at work. When the environment workers operate in is filled with dust or chemical fumes this can increase stress and make working almost impossible.

Such situations should be avoided as they are seriously detrimental to health for a number of obvious reasons.

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