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Whole Wheat Bread Vs. White Bread - Which One Is Better?   

by Beth Scott

Junk food addicts argue with health food nuts, asserting white bread to be the best. The health food nuts retaliate exclaiming about how much better store bought whole wheat bread is than white bread.

The battle rages on...

On which side of this debate do you stand?

For that matter, which side should you REALLY be pulling for?

Lets weigh all the facts, the faults about each choice and determine which one we should honestly be proclaiming as "the honest to goodness best!"


1. White bread is nutrition less. Even fortifying it with vitamins can't replace half of the nourishment that is lost through the bleaching and sifting process that is used on the flour which white bread is make out of.

2. White bread has a lot harmful chemicals and preservatives added to it to increase it's shelf life, but they decrease your lifespan.

3. White bread is practically tasteless. This is a pro to some people but a con to a lot of others who enjoy tasty food.


1. Store bought whole wheat bread would be extremely healthy and good for your body IF you could find a loaf made without fattening and nutrition less sweeteners like sugar (but no store that I know of sells any such thing).

2. Store bought whole wheat bread contains, unfortunately, the same chemicals and preservatives that white bread does, also to lengthen shelf life.

On light of this information which viewpoint do you now hold to?

Neither hopefully. There is only one thing you can do to make sure you are getting the best tasting, highest quality and healthiest bread. And that is...

Bake your own whole wheat bread! Read why you should below.


1. Home baked whole wheat bread tastes good. Home baked whole wheat bread has a very delightful taste that is probably the main reason (even more so than it's health aspects) people prefer home baked whole wheat bread to it's bland counterpart, white bread or unhealthy store bought whole wheat bread.

2. Home baked whole wheat bread contains vitamins and minerals your body needs. Medical studies have proven that all the B vitamins in whole grain foods help you to have a healthy heart, and guard against heart disease.

3. Baking your own whole wheat bread is not the least bit "difficult" either. Just learn the basics to baking bread along with a few proven recipes and you'll be set.

About the Author

Beth Scott makes whole wheat bread baking simple with her ebook "The Ultimate Whole Wheat Bread Baking Guide!" learn all about it at her Baking Bread Healthily web site.


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